Custom Knife Order

Create your own kitchen knife by clicking ADD TO CART and filling out this form. If you are not sure of a choice, no worries, just skip and you can discuss this with the knife maker. Your $200 deposit will place you on our books for delivery within 10 months. Please note that the delivery estimation can shift depending on order date versus proposal acceptance date. Why $200? We get a lot of calls and spend a lot of time with our clients helping them build the knife best for them. Your deposit ensures us that you are ready to make this commitment to us, as we commit our time to you.

This deposit will be applied to the cost of your knife.

With regards to design, we are designers and artists. We DO NOT copy other people's knives. We are often inspired by other knifemakers, but expectations to copy a knife handle or profile shape are not reasonable, nor speak to our character as designers. In addition, if the knifemaker does not feel that the design requests for a custom knife can be made to our quality or aesthetic standards, we reserve the right to decline production and we will happily refund your deposit in full.

Once we get your order, a knifemaker will get in touch with you within 1-2 weeks to discuss your details, pricing and estimated delivery date. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need. After all, this is your custom knife! Following your discussion, you will receive a proposal on the design and final cost. Upon your approval, your knife will be completed in 10 months. At that time, you will have an item that is built to last a lifetime with every detail being finished by hand at our shop in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is pleasure to make a knife for you and we appreciate your patience in giving us the opportunity to do so.

We will contact you within 1-2 weeks of receiving this deposit.

Delivery time for custom knife is approximately 10 months. Knife sets often require a longer wait time. Please note that the delivery date can shift from time of order to time of proposal acceptance date.