The Damascus Chesapeake Oyster Shucker


We call this shucker The Chesapeake, because it was borne out of our collaboration with White Stone Oysters. We have worked with White Stone over the last year to develop the size and shape of our blade and handle to be the ultimate in shucking, particularly for oysters coming out of the Chesapeake area. This design is influenced by the historic Chesapeake shucking style called "bill shucking", which can be traced back to the earliest shucking houses in the region, and employed by countless chefs and talented shuckers. With a thin blade, this knife provides quick and clean access to severing the oyster from its shell.  See specific instructions here.

For the collaboration, we sought an active participant in the design of this shucker so that it could be used in a professional setting as well as in the home kitchen. Where we might be the expert in steels and profiles and handles for culinary knives, White Stone proved to be the ultimate partner. We are thrilled at the result!

Our shucker features stainless steel damascus blades made from high quality, highly figured Damasteel produced in Sweden. The blades are securely fit into a turned handle made of stabilized woods. The wood handles are mostly Walnut sourced from Zack's farm, but we do limited runs of other interesting species and/or burls when we get them. The ferule functions as a secure hold on the blade under shucking pressure as well as a nice aesthetic. The shape of our shucking blade has been narrowed for efficient access to the oyster shell and then has been given a slight edge for cutting the muscle. Our handle is designed to fit in your hand comfortably through many, many oysters.

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