Custom Set of 16 Steak Knives in Walnut Box

Handmade Set of Steak Knives in Custom Wooden Box

Set of 16 steak knives crafted of stainless damascus billets folded in a random pattern that reveals the layers of steel as the grind of the knife is established. This steak knife profile is intentionally tall measuring 1" high at from spine to choil at bolster and rocking to a point for a total blade length of 5". The steak knife features a thick handle of storied Rosewood where the balance falls just to the handle side of the brass bolster. The pins are of 1/8" brass. The overall length of the knife is 9.5". 

This species of Rosewood, highly prized for its use in building guitar bodies has come under intense regulation as it recently entered endangered status. These handles were created from small scraps that were found in the Martin Guitar Factory in Pennsylvania. They were cut offs from the making of guitar backs and sides and had been stored since 1966. While they were no longer of a size useful to building a guitar, they were the perfect size for knife scales. We feel honored to have found them and to have given them life in this knife set. 

The custom box of Walnut measures 12.5” x 24" with handles extending 1" from either side. The center handle and custom top screws are of brass. This wood was sourced from a fallen 300-year old sprawling Walnut tree from Pantops Farm in Charlottesville- Albemarle County, Virginia. This farm once belonged to Peter Jefferson, the father of Thomas Jefferson and eventually passed the to the third President of the United States. The Walnut has highly figured graining, a result of crotches and burls from the old tree. The top of the box is a exceptionally figured piece. The stabilizing features of the box are of African Wenge wood and compliment the dark colors and grain patterns of the Walnut. The set of 16 knives lay in a horizontal row that is both modern and in keeping with the design language of the set. 

This handmade set was created in Charlottesville, VA during July-September 2018.

Artisans: Zack Worrell and Nick Watson