Warranty & Care of your Monolith Knife


We hope that you will enjoy your Monolith Knife for generations! If for any reason, you are unhappy with your knife, please notify us within 30 days. We will take a knife back in hopes of you choosing another to your liking or for a full refund. This does not apply to custom orders. Custom orders are non-returnable. With that said, if your custom knife does not meet your expectations, we absolutely want to know about it. Monolith will respond to any custom order issue on a case by case basis. To date, we are proud to say that we have never had an issue!

For returns or exchanges, the knife should be in new condition with no visible damage to blade or handle. If the knife returned shows visible damage, we will estimate repair and deduct this amount from your refund or exchange value. Given this, please take care to package the knife as it was sent to you. Do not ship knives together without ample packaging as the razor sharp edges tend to cut through lightweight packaging and can cause damage during shipment.

Your knife has a full warranty. In the case that you have damaged your knife, we want to fix it for you. These precision tools are our works of art and we care too much to have them not performing for you. Don't hesitate to reveal the damage done either. We have seen knives run over by cars and tractors, sink disposal damage, tip damage, handle cracking from dishwashers, etc. Give us a shout at info@monolithknives.com and we can help get your knife back in service.

We offer free sharpening services for the life of a Monolith blade. Our mailing address for any sharpening service is:

Monolith Knives
PO Box 655
Ivy, VA 22945

Please provide your return address and allow 2-4 weeks for this sharpening service.


In purchasing a Monolith knife, you have made an investment in a precision tool that is also a work of art. It is meant to be used, but should be treated with the care it deserves to provide a lifetime of service. Store your knife out of harms way. Never place your knife loosely or unprotected in a drawer where it could be damaged or cause damage. Knife could be stored in knife block or on a magnetic knife bar. Some of our knives are made with leather sheaths or wooden sayas, useful for either wearing your knife or transporting it. These are not intended for long term storage as they can encourage rust.

Knives should be cleaned with a mild soap only when necessary. Otherwise, wipe your blade clean after each use.

Never, ever put your knives in the dishwasher!

Brighten copper or brass with polishing agents such as Brasso or Barkeepers Friend. Polish stainless steel with a glass cleaner or a steel polisher, then wipe clean. The essence of a carbon blade is often in the beautiful patina or darkening of the blade over time. Carbon damascus can be brightened with a gentle rubbing of the blade with ultra fine steel wool (0000). To keep rust at bay on a carbon blade, keep the blade oiled with either a food safe Mineral Oil or Camelia oil.

Oil wooden handles occasionally as you would any wooden kitchen utensil. Food safe mineral oil works wonderfully.  The need for oiling your handle will depend greatly on the frequency of use and washing habits.