"Every once in a while, a knife maker comes along with a sharp instinct for blade design. Zack and his team at Monolith Knives seem to evoke that. As a working chef, I appreciate that."
Chris Maher 
Chef - Winner of the prestigious James Beard Award 
Cooking Studio Taos, Taos , NM
"When I first meet the guys from Monolith, I knew I was in the right place to custom design my knife. Their knowledge for the right material to use and forging craftsmanship was second to none and the result is fantastic. The end product far outweighs my expectation and with a robust handling and razor sharp blade it makes for an every day tool in my kitchen. Looking forward to my next collaboration with Zack and the team at Monolith."
Thomas Leroy 
Head Chef - Kardinal HallCharlottesville, VA
"At Timbercreek, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique and upscale customer experience. As a farmer-owned whole animal butcher shop, we know that we convey an artisan aesthetic and strive to fill our store with products that not only logically pair with meat and butchering, but that share our attention to detail and love for design. Additionally, being in a community that fervently supports all things local - produce, products, businesses - we, too, feel it is imperative to support talented and driven artisans and business owners, who also happen to be our friends an neighbors. Being able to showcase and sell Monolith Knives at Timbercreek was a perfect marriage of all of these ideals. Their knives (which are displayed in a beautiful handmade case they built, of course) stop every one of our customers in their tracks. They are, as we are, in awe at the craftsmanship of the hand-forged blades and wood handles. We couldn't be more proud to be in business with them!"
Sara Miller
Proprietor of Timbercreek Farm & Market and The Back 40 Restaurant, Charlottesville, VA
"I purchased a San Mai chef knife from Monolith Knives and after using it daily in my kitchen for a few months I decided I needed to expand my collection. I chose to go through Monolith Knive's custom order process and received another beautiful chef knife and the sharpest bread knife I've ever used. The process was simple and allowed for endless possibilities. I plan to continue ordering knives from Monolith Knives for their excellent quality, attention to detail and customer service."
Marc Rauer 
Audio Engineer & Home Cook,  McClean, Virginia
"On June of 2015, I had decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I wanted the Kilimanjaro Knife only Zack at Monolith was capable of making.  Having already purchased one of Monolith’s knives, I knew the craftsmanship was assured.  I thus visited Zack and Alan multiple times and every visit to the shop was pure pleasure – dogs greeting you, rock music on the speakers, open fire from the forge, sanders and grinders playing along almost in concert with the heavy metal – it was near-syncopated, artistic awesomeness. 

At every shop visit, both Zack and his assistant Alan, suggested tweaks and subtle knife nuances while the knife came together.  I accepted each suggestion 100%.  The final result was elegant, utilitarian and bad-to-the-bone.  I proudly carried that knife from Mt. Kilimanjaro base to the summit over nine (9) of the best days of my life.  The Masai tribesman who served as our mountain guides loved the knife. 

One afternoon, about mid-way up the mountain, I decided to carve with it.  Two of the Masai came over, asked me about the knife, held it respectfully and then took turns deftly turning my horrible carving into something worth carrying home.  The Masai are both warriors and artisans and they wielded that knife on wood like it was a child finger-painting.  One of my best memories from the trip for sure.

It was not until we got off the mountain and one of the Masai guides asked me “How did your friend see such a beautiful knife to create?”  I told him, “You see Zack only has one eye, one does not have to possess perfect vision to make art.”  That is fairly profound for me but it is clearly true for Zack and Monolith.  The Masai just leaned back, smiled and agreed."
Sean Miller 
Miller Asset Wealth Management, Charlottesville, VA