Fusion Design Series: Professional Line Carbon Knives

Our Fusion Design series is where East meets West. This series is born out of the years we have been custom designing culinary knives for industry professionals where we hear what is the most preferred handle and blade shape.  The Pro Line gives us the best simple Japanese blade design coupled with a full tang Western handle designed for comfort and steady grip. This Fusion Design Series offers highly functional, elegant tools for your kitchen.

This is a limited run of production knives, handmade in the United States with parts and workmanship from our shop here in Virginia and our manufacturer in Idaho, USA.

Handmade of 52100 carbon steel hardened to 61 Rockwell and sharpened to 17-20 degrees on a wetstone by hand. The full tang handle features stabilized Walnut sourced from Zack's farm in Albemarle County, Virginia. The handle's hexagonal shape mimics the simple design of the traditional Japanese handles, but offers the strength of a Western knife such as a Sabatier. The bolster and corby bolts are of brass and offer a nice weight for the knife to balance at the pinch point. The knife comes with a custom leather sheath useful for travel, but not for long term storage as this can cause the blade to rust. 

Key features:

High performance 52100 high carbon - sharp as a tack!

Hybrid Fusion Design - combining the best attributes of Japanese and Western knives. 

Durable construction - handles are fastened with corby bolts, not pins

Hand made leather sheath included - recommended only for travel, not storage

Rockwell hardness of 61 on the C scale.

Double pinned bolster - provides protection and balance

Hand sharpened with 6000 grit Naniwa wet stone

Locally sourced, figured Walnut - stabilized by industry leader K&G

No-nonsense blade geometry, handle shape and proper balance at the pinch point

Dimensions of the Gyuto / Chef:

Blade Height, spine to heel  2"

Overall Length  13.75" / 345mm

Handle Length  5.25"

Blade Length  8.5" / 215mm

Blade Thickness at Pinch Point 1/8 "

Handle Thickness Range, bolster to handle butt  9/16" - 3/4"

Weight  8.0oz


Dimensions of the Honesuki / Petty:

Blade Height, spine to heel  1.375"

Overall Length  10.75" / 275mm

Handle Length  5"

Blade Length  6" / 150mm

Blade Thickness at Pinch Point 1/8 "

Handle Thickness Range, bolster to handle butt  1/2" - 5/8"

Weight  6.0oz


52100 high carbon is an awesome steel alloy for kitchen knives but needs attention and care with every use. Since carbon steels can rust easily, your blade should be wiped dry after every use, never stored in a sheath. Over time, a natural "patina" colorization will develop from the oils in certain foods. This is a natural process of oxidization and is a sign of a well-used blade. This patina actually plays an important role in creating a mild protective layer, so when you see your blade turn color, thats normal. 

Our knives are not intended for, nor will they survive being put into a dishwasher! We offer a full warranty on our knives, however, damage due to negligence (rusting of blade) and or dishwasher use will require a repair fee. 

Shipping only in the USA at this time!