Chesapeake Oyster Shucker Instructions


* * This oyster shucker is specifically designed with a thin blade for stabbing through the bill. Due to the thin design, twisting and prying from the hinge of the oyster are not recommended, and could result in breakage.




Bill Shucking Instructions:


Shucker Instructions 









With your non-working hand protected by a towel or glove, hold the oyster cupped side down. 

Stab the blade through the bill, at an angle that keeps the blade along the bottom of the oyster.


Shucker Instructions 



Scrape the knife along the bottom shell to sever the adductor muscle and free the oyster.


Shucker Instructions
























Lift open the shell, making sure the oyster is free from the bottom shell. Scrape along the top shell to free completely. Double check for shell fragments and serve!