Epoxy Statement

January 2017

Dear Monolith Clients:

At Monolith Knives, it is our core mission to make products that are built for performance first, while accompanied with a high degree of aesthetic consideration and thoughtful design. We do not believe in short cuts or using “cheaper” materials to gain a bigger profit, nor do we believe that if we make an error that it should not be addressed. Our credibility and reputation depends on following through. We warranty our products for life.

As such, it has come to our attention that in a few cases, some of our knives have experienced issues with losing the epoxy seal between the handle scales and the steel tang. The epoxy is not there to hold the handles together, but instead to create a watertight seal to keep moisture from entering the space between the steel tang (handle) and the wood scales (wood handles). This can be problematic for a whole host of reasons, especially with high carbon steel blades.

We have identified this problem and now have permanently switched to System Three and West Systems G/Flex epoxies, these are much higher grade, non-brittle, slow set epoxies. These materials were developed for the marine industry but have become standard for others such as knife making, woodworking, and construction because they are nearly bullet proof. 

If you are an owner of a Monolith Knife and have experienced any problems as described, please contact us at info@monstu.com. We will make an assessment and schedule a repair/rebuild of your knife at no cost to you. This is our pledge. Please keep in mind that no matter what the materials, damage from a dishwasher can be permanent. No handmade knife should EVER visit the dishwasher. It is the cardinal sin, taboo, and the ultimate no no. Treat it for what it is, a handmade tool to be passed down from generation to generation.



Zack Worrell