Fusion Design Series Professional Line: Damasteel Twist Pattern Paring Knife/Shotoh

Fusion Design Series Professional Line: Damasteel Twist Pattern Paring Knife/Shotoh

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The Shotoh/ Paring Knife
Handmade 3.5"/90mm Shotoh/ Paring Knife made of stainless damascus folded by Damasteel of Sweden in Sparse Twist pattern. The tapered octagonal handle is made of locally sourced figured Walnut from Zack's historic farm in Charlottesville and includes brass bolsters and hardware.
The "Fusion Design Series" will concentrate on blending the best of Western and Asian knives. The series will eventually include three main profiles: The Gyuto (chef knife), the Honesuki (petty knife), and the Shotoh (paring knife). We believe these are the most important three knives any chef or home cook needs to start the foundation of a knife collection.

The included sheath is made of saddle leather and should be used for travel only.

The overall length is 7.75"/195mm        
Blade length is 3.5"/90mm
Handle length is 4.25"/ 110mm
Rockwell C scale hardness 61-62
Weight 3.0 oz.

About the Fusion Design
This knife profile was developed by Monolith in 2020 and first featured at the Damasteel Chef Invitational Fall 2021 show! The term "Fusion Design" refers to the blending of East and West. Many chefs love the quality of Japanese knives. Many have become accustomed to the octagonal handle design and the unique blade profiles with a longer flatter edge, thinner blade and lower tip. Additionally, many cooks and chefs have enjoyed the introduction of Damascus and San Mai as options for their blade steel.
Japanese knives are known for their legendary performance, while their Western counterparts are more well known for comfort and durability. The French Sabatier has its own deep rooted following throughout the culinary world elite. Typically drop forged and made to stand the test of time, the Western knife profiles of Europe which we still use today have been in use for centuries. We chose to take the best of these two philosophies and blend them into a single design. We think our "Fusion Design" blades are a perfect balance of these two camps.

Like all Monolith Knives, these blades are warrantied for life. Any repairs for damages will be reviewed on an individual basis. Anything we did wrong will be fixed no matter what, free of charge with return shipping. 

  • Free sharpening for the life of the blade!
  • Our knives are handmade at our shop in Charlottesville, VA.
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