Set of 4 Carbon Damascus Knives in Walnut Block

Set of four kitchen knives of Monolith carbon damascus folded of 1084 and 15N20 carbon steels.

222mm gyuto

178mm nakiri

165mm honesuki

90mm paring

The handles are of locally sourced Walnut from Pantops Mountain in Charlottesville, VA. This mountain is the site of a farm once belonging to Peter Jefferson, which sits in the view shed of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home. Thomas Jefferson eventually inherited the farm from his father, who is buried just yards from where this Walnut was felled and stored for the last forty years. We call it our Jefferson Walnut. It is highly figured and is a rich, deep brown. On each Wa shaped handle is a ferule of African Wenge and spacers of brass around a green Malachite composite, which should complement the green resin handle of the bread knife.

Handmade in Charlottesville, VA