230mm/9" Sujihiki with Bog Oak, Micarta and Corian

Handmade 230mm/9" sujihiki of carbon damascus folded by Monolith of 1095 and 15N20 steels. The resulting pattern of this damascus blade came out beautifully! It's Wa handle is of Bog Oak, oak beams that have been buried in a peat bog for hundreds or sometimes thousands of years. The extremely low oxygen conditions of the bog protect the wood from normal decay, while the underlying peat provides acidic conditions where iron salts and other minerals react with the tannins in the wood, gradually giving it a distinct dark brown to almost black color. The handle features a small ferule of white Corian and brown Micarta. The overall length is 362mm/14.25". 5.6 oz. HRC 60-61.

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