Chesapeake Oyster Shucker

Born from roots and tradition of Oyster farming and shucking on the Chesapeake Bay, dating back to the early 1800's. Our Chesapeake Shucker follows a design and shucking style that is generations old called bill shucking. This style hearkens back to knives historically used in oyster shucking houses, restaurants, and homes throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. 

Monolith's Chesapeake Shucker is made for bill shucking from the front, not for attacking and prying the hinge like a mini crowbar. With a thin blade, this knife provides quick and clean access to severing the oyster from its shell. The shape of our blade has been narrowed for efficient access to the oyster shell and then has been given a slight edge for cutting the muscle. Our handle is designed to fit in your hand comfortably through many, many oysters.

See specific instructions here.

Our shucker blade is of Damasteel, a high-grade stainless damascus that is both durable and beautiful. The blades are securely fit into a turned handle made of stabilized wood. The wood handles are mostly domestic species like Walnut and Cherry, sourced directly from Zack's farm, but we do limited runs of other interesting species and/or burls when we get them. The ferrule functions to give a secure hold on the blade under shucking pressure for added durability.

And just like any Monolith knife...performance and beauty go hand in hand.